Evolution Masks is leading the way in innovation and setting a new standard for hyper realistic silicone masks. Our silicone masks are created using the latest digital technology, and hand crafted with extreme realism in mind. We make masks for the Halloween and haunt industry, as well as masks for film projects, disguise, and for casual collectors.

Below are some features that put our masks a HEAD above the rest!

  • Our unique blend of 100% platinum grade silicone feels like real skin and allows for maximum movement, comfort, and durability. Pieces made with our material can last upward of 45 years.
  • Our silicone masks are created with the most innovative and revolutionary techniques. While other silicone mask companies create their masks from clay sculptures, we use digital sculptures to achieve the highest detail and realism possible. For example, we are able to pull skin textures and other features from 3D scans and even use 3D head scans of real people to create some of our masks. This level of detail and realism is just not possible using traditional clay sculptures.
  • Our Hyper Flex mesh system ensures durability while maintaining maximum movement. We've tested stretch mesh from fifteen different manufacturers to ensure that we are using the absolute best version for our silicone masks.
  • Our silicone blend has ten different colors of flocking added to it which provides for the highest level of subtle realism to each mask before getting painted.
  • Our masks have a flexible aluminum nose bridge installed, which helps for a more customized wearing experience and helps with more natural and realistic eye fit.
  • Our hyper realistic masks come standard with small and natural looking eyeholes. The eyeholes can be trimmed to fit each specific wearer for a more customized fit. To do so, flip the mask inside out and use small curved cuticle scissors to trim small amounts of the eye area that needs adjustments.
  • Our lip cupping system provides maximum coverage of the wearers lips and allows for natural and realistic movement and flexibility around the mouth.
  • Our silicone masks come in three different sizing options per design. We are the only company in the industry that offers sizing options. If your head is smaller or larger than average, don't be stuck buying a "one size fits most" mask that won't fit your head.
  • Our masks are painted and detailed using techniques pioneered for the film industry. Layers of translucent colors are added to achieve an insane level of detail. This process creates a visually stunning masterpiece that is extremely realistic.
  • Our artists spend over 50 hours per design sculpture using the latest and best software on the market. Each design has incredible detail, down to the skin pores. No detail is left untouched.
  • Our hyper realistic masks receive human hair insertions one strand at a time using special needles. This feature puts our masks over the edge in hyper realism and allow you to fool anyone with ease.