Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about our products and services.

What are silicone masks?
Silicone masks are created using high quality medical grade silicone rubber, and are designed to completely cover and fit snug over your face and head like a second skin. They form to your face, which allows the mask to move and follow your mouth movement and facial expressions. Some of our silicone masks are created to cover your chest and body. While wearing a silicone mask, you can see, hear, talk, eat, and drink. With a silicone mask, you can instantly transform into a totally different person and fool your friends and family with ease. Silicone masks are NOT mass produced in a large factories, they are painstakingly hand made each step of the way by highly talented artists. With proper care, these masks can last for over 20 years.
Can I get my order sooner?

Each mask is hand made and goes through the hands of many different artists during the creation. Unfortunately it is a very time consuming process and can take 8-10 weeks to complete a mask. When hair is added, it can be an additional 2-3 weeks. Orders are processed using a first come first serve basis.

Can you make me a custom mask?
Absolutely! Whether it be a custom mask of a famous person, movie character, or a person you know, we can create a very close likeness of any of the sort. We are the only company using the latest digital technology, so we can edit and adjust the design very easily to suit your needs. Contact us for further details and pricing.
Can you do a custom paint job on my mask?
Yes, we always try our best to accommodate your requests. In most cases, we can do a custom paint job at no additional charge. Contact us for further questions about your custom paint idea.
Will your mask fit my head?
Don’t be stuck with a competitors mask that won’t fit your head. We can create many different sizes of each design to help optimize the fit of your mask! Please note that our base models of each product are one size fits most. Fit it is not guaranteed. Our movable masks fit skin tight and will take the shape and form of the wearers face, thus altering the likeness of certain masks. Contact us for availability and pricing for custom sizing.
How do I clean my silicone mask?
You can easily clean your silicone mask with mild soap and water.
Do your mask come with or do you sell headforms?
We do not offer headforms at this time.
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes we do!
How long will my mask last?
We also reinforce our masks in areas such as the eyes, mouth, nose, and ears using a strong and stretchy powermesh which helps ensure that your mask will not get torn or damaged. Pieces made using a platinum cured silicone can last upward of 45 years!
Where are you located?
We are based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA. We work closely with artists from all around the world!
Where can I find out more about Evolution Masks?
For more information and design updates, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
Cancellation/Return Policy
Each one of our products is hand crafted and made per order. In the extremely rare event where one of our products arrives to you defective, we will replace the product with a new one once the product as been returned to us for inspection. For any refunds not involving a defective product, a restocking fee of 150$ is required if a cancellation is made during or after ordering. Our artists put a great amount of time into each of our products and we do not welcome people who want to try out our products and then return them.


Prior to putting on the mask, please make sure that your hands and fingers are clear of any objects (such as a ring) that can potentially cause damage to the mask. Place the backside of both hands halfway inside of the mask. With your hands around ear level, carefully stretch the mask neck area wide enough so that your head can fit inside. Start at the back of your head and gently lower the mask over your face. Carefully adjust the face area of the mask so that your mouth and eyes line up properly. DO NOT pull or tug on any area of the mask at any time. To remove the mask, slide the backside of your hands halfway into the mask. Stretch the mask open and carefully lift the mask upwards until it is removed. For a video tutorial, please see above.


When handling or storing the mask, be cautious not to fold the aluminum nose bridge excessively. Doing so may cause the nose bridge to fracture. The inside of mask can be cleaned using a soft wash cloth with mild soap and water or alcohol. To clean the outside of the mask, use a soft wash cloth with mild soap and water. Do not rub or scrub the outside of the mask. Gently pat the mask to clean, and pat dry it with a paper towel. You can store your mask inside of a box at room temperature out of direct sunlight or on a mannequin headform that can be found at most craft stores. For a more premium option, you can purchase one of our deluxe skull headforms found on our website.